IPad Apps

Hey guys. I just got an iPad2 today and wanted to see if you guy could recumbent some good apps? I downloaded sketchbook pro which I am using with a stylus and a few other crazy things. I am really looking to use this for fun, but also for work. Anyone know of any great note taking apps? Thanks in advance for the help.

For fun, definely get flipboard and hootsuite.

I really like Zite. It’s a personalized magazine that pulls articles from all over the place depending on your interests (including core77). It can pull in stories from your google reader and facebook too. As you use it you can like or dislike things and it “learns” so it pulls up more articles you like and leaves off the ones you don’t.

If you like mens fashion and lifestyle stuff, valet mag is a good free app too.

Garage band on ipad 2 is fun too.

I dislike Sketchbook Pro greatly. I believe Penultimate has superior line quality (although way fewer functions). I usually do linework in Penultimate, then export into Sketchbook Pro for coloring/shading.

I love Instapaper (it’s awesome. Save articles on the web to read later via any browser, Flipboard, or Twitter client, and it automatically strips all ads and formats it super nice like iBooks), Dropbox (super useful), Skyfire (view flash videos), ESPN (if you care about sports), Kindle (great cross platform sync), USA Today, Sword and Sworcery (great game).

I like the official Twitter client, which has good Instapaper integration, as does Flipboard. Keynote was a waste of money, and Garage Band is just novel for a few minutes. StreamToMe can be useful if you want to stream video files from your computer over WiFi. Your computer has to be on, though. Apparently Writer (by iA) is one of the best writing apps, but it’s a hefty $17.

I don’t think you can really use the iPad for work (except notetaking). I use it for reading, showing stuff (interviews, group meetings), games, and occasionally drawing (really rough).

Thanks guys. I have downloads some of your suggestions. I am really digging Penultimate. I think I will get some great use out of it. What note taking app do you guy recomend? There are a ton out there!!

What do you require from a note taking application? Evernote requires you commit to their feature full application on iPad, iPhone, and laptop to really gain full utility, and I think it uses Dropbox for file sync. For me, it’s too many features. Does the built in Notes application work for you? It certainly does for me.