Sometimes clients ask for same invoice again. (This happened repetitively.)
Either they want it in the different format, or they lost the originals.
How do you deal with this?
You give them the same invoice whenever they ask for, or you collect old first then submit the new…??
These are original signed printouts/invoices.

Not really sure what you mean original/signed/printouts/invoices? What kind of different format do they want - never heard of that?

My invoices I send are all just a PDF, no need to sign anything, nothing “original” per se. If they want it again, I just email it again.


I do the exact same. Just a simple PDF. They have on occasion lost one once or twice somewhere between my main contact and their accounting dept. When that happens I just resend them the email. No need to cause a fuss about something so simple. If I have already billed them since the ‘lost’ invoice, they will just tack the amount on to the current invoice (I make note of the missing invoice on the most current one to remind them).

In my case, they don’t accept pdf invoice. (not even digitally signed) or scanned original invoice.
Some of them are local clients. They want physically signed printout/invoice.
I don’t face this problem with International client as they accept pdf.

Why do they need a signed invoice? Never encountered that. also don’t think I’ve ever got a signed invoice from any of my own suppliers.


I’ve also never heard of or received a signed invoice.

Regardless - If I were in your situation I guess I would just sign a new invoice, and perhaps mark it as a “copy”. Obviously you want to get paid - so if issuing a new invoice (or a copy of an old one) is what it takes… then so be it.

Ultimately - if you’re doing any sort of design work involving invoices I would suggest investing in one of the many accounting software solutions. They are easy to use, inexpensive, and most importantly allow you to present and track your invoices in a professional manner. In the long run it will save you tons of time.