Invitation to participate in an online survey

Hi all,

I am a PhD research student from The Loughborough Design School, UK. My research is funded by The Art and Humanities Research Council, UK, under the Collaborative Doctoral Awards Scheme and it is in conjunction with PTC. I am investigating ways to improve design student skills in higher education.

As part of my PhD I am doing an online survey assessing the skills needs and gaps for product and industrial design professionals. The main aim of the survey is to match results from industry and universities in order to develop coherent strategies for new skills development.

I would like to invite all product and industrial designers; and design educators to take part in my survey. Your professional expertise will be highly valued.

More details about the survey can be found here:

If you are interested please contact me via the email below, so I can provide you with the link and pasword to my survey.

Kind Regards, Emi.