Intuos V. Cintiq

OK so, I know this debate has most likely gone down around here before but I couldn’t find an exact answer so I thought I would ask, Intuos 4 or Cintiq 12WX? Now I understand these are two completely different products but here is where I am coming from.

I am entering my senior year in ID and am currently working an internship in which I was told paper has been dated and I needed to “get with the times”. Well this was very troublesome for me as I love paper and love to ROTATE the page when I sketch. I have attempted at using the other interns tablet (an older wacom) but honestly feel as though sketch line work will never come to me on a tablet (its only been 4 days).

I recently came into some serious money (very complicated) and purchased a Wacom Cintiq 12WX today after reading all great things on CNET and other sites. But because of its ridiculous price tag and my curiosity I read some forums before opening the box where I was soon terrified at what I saw. I now understand the Inutos 4 holds better calibrated and pressure sensitive technology and that there are many problems with the Cintiq 12 including overheating and screen jitters on the edges. I LOVE sketching on the screen and would love to keep this thing although if there is a way to learn with a tablet for half the price I am def going back to the store tommorrow. Does anyone have any input as to how they went about making a similar decision? For some reason I am having lots of trouble making this decision.[b][/b]

Cintiq 12wx! I did a lot of research as well, before I got my 12wx. I too am a fan of paper and used the Intuos3 for my introduction into digital sketching. I’ve finally converted over to the Cintiq. Get yourself a student copy of sketchbook pro (download it for free) and open the box!

I love mine because it doesn’t get hot (the larger Cintiqs get really hot) and I haven’t had any problems with jitters on the edges as I’ve heard so much about. However the Intuos4 does have a lot of new cool features, but if your used to paper, the Cintiq would be the way to go.

Since you have the money, the Cintiq is the way to go. I have read about some of the issues with the 12, but would still have taken the chance if it was within my budget. After 6 years with my Intuos 1 (at home) and using the big Cintiqs at work (since about 2005) I picked up a Medium Intuos 4, really like it, BUT would have definitely snatched up the 12" Cintiq if my budget was different. Now that so many programs let you rotate your page virtually there was a little less of a reason/need for me to go all the way to a Cintiq, but you got it so bust that box open and get busy!