(Hey guys, how come there are no new posts approved anymore for almost half a year now? Are there no new members wanted? If that’s the case, i think a public announcement on the boards would be good. I have tried two times to post my introduction months ago without success - i would really like to jump into the discussions and contribute some of work to the doodling thread for example)

Introduction, 3rd try:

Hello there,
i have been a long time lurker on the core77 Website as well as the forums (started during my design studies at university) but now i finally decided i want to join the board and start discussing and sharing work with you guys :wink:

I am currently working full time at a senior designer position in germany and i am still really happy that i have made the right choice and had the opportunity to make my passion my job.

When it comes to design i am interested in almost everything, but my focus usually is on the direct interaction with the user via analog and digital interfaces. I love doodling a nice car exterior every now and then, tho.

Apart from that i am always keen for a good coffee, for a nice watch and like to go surfing in my free time (once the summer comes back…)

Looking forward to talking to you guys!