Introduction to ID schools / Portfolio prep 4 career switch?

Right now I have a BSc in mechanical engineering and after several years of working want to make a career switch to industrial design. Most, if not all schools seem to require a portfolio for admission into their ID program. And me, feeling a bit old and not well practiced on the artistic side, need some help putting together a portfolio!

Could anyone let me know if you know of any schools aside from in Umea, Sweden that offer an Introduction to ID course/program, or school that would help me in putting together a portfolio? Preferably in Europe or Canada. I’ll be applying at Umea for sure, but don’t want to put my eggs all in one basket should I not get in! (keeping my fingers crossed)

Grateful for any tips or info you can send my way!!

you have lots of options to choose from,
spend some time and consider what kinds of products you’d like to design when you’re done. there may be a school that specializes in that, if not directly (like toys or furniture)
Or, there may be a school located in the regional center of that industry, like outdoor sporting equipment and Colorado

do you speak Swedish? I was under the impression that the course is taught in Swedish…

I looked at some short summer courses a couple of years ago at Domus in Milan, i vaguely remember there being a portfolio one but I may be mistaken as it was a while ago…
have a dig on the site and see if you find anything interesting… prehaps a short summer course would be cool for an introduction to ID like you mention


Hello, I know it’s kinda late, but have you checked out the RCA Innovation Design Engineering Course? You have until January 19 to submit our application so I think you’ll have enough time.
Basically you don’t have to have a design background to get in. All you need in the portfolio is just to show who you are, what you know, what kind of creative stuff you do, and why you’re different than other candidates. Basically, just try your best to sell yourself. This past year, we had 1/3 of the class came from Mech Engineering background, so I don’t think you’d have a problem getting in if you can show that you have some creative sparks.