Introduction/Portfolio Feedback Appreciated

Hello everyone, new member here.
Not really new to the site, just the discussion board. I have been reading some posts recently and finally decided to post here.
A little bit about me: I’m a 25 year old Industrial Design graduate from Anahuac University in Mexico, which is pretty well
rated locally. I haven’t had much experience unfortunately, and I had to leave my first job for family-related issues. Now a
fair amount of time has passed since my graduation but I would really like to get back in the industry and restart my career.
For those who aren’t aware, there isn’t a huge design industry in Mexico, much less in the product development area; which
is why I have been looking for opportunities abroad to learn and do something more meaningful than just staying here and
taking one of the many Retail/POP design jobs there are here. I know this last statement might have sounded cocky but the reality
in this country is that there’s a huge lack of talent to even pass on to younger people like me, and the ‘successful’ design businesses
are products of very privileged people meant for other privileged ones. (Hope I made sense, my English isn’t perfect and it’s kind of late haha)
Anyways, I have reasons to believe I can be a good designer but I just need that kick start, and that’s why I have been searching
high and low for internships abroad or any other opportunity that may arise.

I hope anyone can take the time to check out my portfolio and maybe write some feedback. I would really appreciate it.
Also, please feel free to write any thoughts on my situation or tips you might have.

Portfolio LINK:

Hi Luis,

Your link is not working. This makes it a bit hard to give some feedback :slight_smile:

I think it is good of you to look for jobs/internship not only in Mexico, but also abroad. This will increase the chance of landing a job.

Thanks for letting me know. Just found out that Dropbox unabled all externally-linked files for web vulnerability issues.
I just updated the link, hope it is accessible this time.

I just had a quick look at your portfolio and would like to give some feedback on it.

  • I’ll start with your front page. I personally found “Selective” a bit misleading. It can be read and interpreted in multiple ways. I personally would leave it out and exchange it for the word portfolio.
  • For the HP project you show some nice sketches and photoshop skills. I miss a bit of process for this project. Why this shape, colour, material, etc. It would be nice to show some research (moodboards, market analysis, etc) that lead to your choice for the shapes.
  • I skipped the bike gps project (sorry).
  • I also miss the process part in your thesis project. You mention that there is research, but do not show this. I would be nice to show the important parts of the research that have influenced the outcome. To me the final product is not completely clear. I do not know how it will look for different configurations. Which parts are needed to build the basic model? What are the optional parts? Maybe show a basic model and things that can be added.
  • I think one page for your 3D modelling skills will be enough. I think one page will already show that you are a very skilled 3D modeller and know how to make nice renderings.
  • I personally would get rid of the “branding” page. I would keep the focus on the industrial design projects.

Overall the focus of your portfolio is more on visualisation, so sketching, 3d modelling and rendering. I think you miss a bit of process for your projects. Why did you came up with the final design. You definitely have some good material that shows your qualities, but it would be nice to see the process towards it as well.

Thanks mixel, I really appreciate you taking the time.

Yeah, I’ll have to agree with you, I’m missing a some more process explanation.
Too bad you skipped my GPS project, I feel like it is the strongest one in there. I might have to change something to make it more attracting or something, any ideas?
I’ll definitely work on everything you pointed out, specially the thesis project to make it clearer.
And I’m not making excuses or anything but I wish I had been taught more about the whole design process at school,
I think that’s one of my weaknesses. I guess I’ll just try and learn on my own how to do proper research and whatnot.

To anyone else interested in joining in, we’re still on time :mrgreen: but make sure to download the linked file instead of just,
viewing it on your browser, it looks awful that way. (Colors are all 8-bitty)

I skipped the GPS project, because there was too much to read for me (I was only scanning through). I think the storyboard of the problem seems to explain the problem good. It looks like the sketches are more on the background if I compare it with the HP project.

It might be nice to separate your projects more with a front page per project. Like you did for your thesis project. A money shot of your project with a title (+ subtitle) and short description and design challenge. It feels more like the GPS and HP project are merging into one project.

Good luck