Introducing my new REAL shoe!


I’m very happy to intrduce my first real shoe! Maybe some of you could recognise it’s done after my Kicksguide K1X Albatros design, presented 2 years ago.

Matt Kaipuke, Hops boss, contacted me 18 months ago to design their first basketball shoe. He liked a lot the Albatros design, so we decided to make it real!

The whole process has been amazing, especially the oncourt testing phase…I felt like a F1 race driver testing his new car…well I don’t exactly know how is it testing a F1 car (Microprose games excluded), but it was very funny too…

For info:
Release date early November.


Cool, an aussie brand. Congrats Pietro!

Thanks Jazz!

and you also live in the same city, i could arrange a meeting :wink:


Comgratulations Pietro.

I remember reading some years ago that you’d be happy just getting one shoe into production.

I bet you’ve set your goals higher now.

It really is lovely to see yet one of us make it in the real world. And the shoe really looks good.

Congratulations again PP!!

Congratulation Pietro, your shoe looks good,i Wish you the best and hope this shoe will do well when they come out.

How much will they cost?

Thanks a lot for the kind words!

Sindri: how are you man? It’s a lot of times we don’t exchange news…Are you a professional designer now?
The whole thing has been like a dream because a lot of times reality was better than expections…so I really don’t know what to ask for the future…we really are in God’s hands :slight_smile:

Karabo: I don’t know the exact price of the 2 models, but it will be something on the affordable side, we will try to fight other brands starting from the price :wink:

mc [pietro]

Congrats Pietro,i really like your design,what happened with the eyelet’s detail of the rendering?maybe some problems,isn’t it?

congrats dude…

the debut shoe of peterflight is finally here! congratulations. i’m a big admirer of your past work, so this is exciting for me as well. the perfs on the medial are a nice touch. the only thing i don’t like is the website–it looks sort of flat to me. maybe it needs some flash application or something to that effect?

Billymenut: no problem with eyelets, just an initial choice to simplify a bit the design. Anyway I’ve recently seen a shoe (trail running?) that had a simillar solution.

bohrdom: real website will be launched soon, as far as I know it will be very nice;)

Thanks again to you all for nice words…they sound very cool after a long period working on the shadow, but as Yo and Rich usually say, it’s really a team work and all the credit goes also to the company and to the manifacturer!

mc [pietro]

very smooth looking sneaker, p. if you at liberty to say, what comprises did you have to make & why? did you get to see any of the manufacturing? what was it like being in aussie land?

Thanks Ade!

About comprises question, it’s quite difficult to explain because, along the way the development of the shoe has been continous, and a few details have been changed to fine tune the whole package (aesthetics+fit+performance+durability).
But, as you can see comparing the original design and the final shoe, changes are very limited and the main features have been kept.
I think this is mainly due to the fact “Albatros” design, respecting Kicksguide contest theme, had to be the second shoe of an emerging brand, so it was initially thought to be easy to make.

This summer I have been to China to visit our maufacturer and to see the production. I believe it has been a very good experience because now I can better understand what my design process needs to lead to. So design choices could be better focused to the real making of the shoe.
…Anyway I still have A LOT to learn!

And lastly I didn’t move to Australia and I’m not planning to move out of Italy soon…my country’s food would be too hard to match :wink:


Congratulations, really nice looking shoes
talk about a dream coming true :slight_smile:
I would love to be in your shoes so to speak :wink: