Intro to Industrial Design course... worth it?

As some of you know I’m considering ID for a degree and possibly a career.

I was poking around for a class that would give me some experience sketching in a classroom setting. I ran across this course.

Please note, this is at a local community college, and there isn’t a single school in my state that has an ID program.

Course description:

“Industrial Design” > This course introduces the student to the process, design phases and standards for industrial design. Lecture topics range from historical surveys, object phenomena studies and design techniques to case studies of industrial designers, companies and products. Students will focus and study the phases that a basic consumer product and environmentally related product or system goes through from conception to production. Students will study emerging techniques in documenting the “carbon footprint and path” of a specific consumer product and from this research, develop product innovations that are applied through design into a tangible manufactured product.

Does this sound at all like a good intro to ID? Something to test the waters with… I should note that there is no required textbook for the class. :confused:

Also, while I have your attention, which would you suggest. “Drawing 1” or “2d Design”

Thanks all,

It’s not going to hurt.

I’d put drawing 1 over 2d, but the both would be worth it.

That doesn’t sound like a drawing class to me… More of a general overview of their take on ID. Check and see if there are any ID firms in your area and contact them. They might be willing to allow you to shadow them for a couple of days, or see if their is a local IDSA design chapter were you can talk with some designers.

If you have some cash and want to attend a sketching seminar check out

where are you located.

I’m in Portland Maine. And yes, it’s not a drawing class. I just found it while looking for one. :slight_smile: