intl IDSA conference worth $$$$$

The international IDSA conference is in San Francisco this year, and a few of us are considering going because its in the U.S. . As a student, do you think it is worth spending around $1,000 dollars to go to this event for the weekend.

I think it would be motivating and pretty amazing, but it’s not like I’ve got a grand just laying around so i’d have to save and probably borrow…

It depends where you’re at in your education.

I’m sure it’d be a good event, and a great way to make contacts, but generally with the IDSA regional conferences are better suited for students whereas the national conference is aimed more at professionals.

If you’re going to graduate soon or you could make the trip without breaking your bank, I’d say go for it.

IDSA National is ALWAYS held in the US, sometimes even in Chicago, so don’t feel like you need to rush to this one.

The Midwest District conf. is always great, and you’ll get bang-for-your-buck there as a student.

But still… San Fran is a great designer town. I haven’t looked at the agenda, but the studio-tours might make it worth the trip.

Any thoughts on where you want to end up after graduation? That might help answer the question.

I was trying to figure out a way to break it to the kid that it is the National conference, not an International conference… hence Industrial Designer’s Society of America… though I guess that should cover 2 continents right there…

This one should be a good one, I’ve heard some good things about the plans. The core77 portfolio review at the conference is good, I know a lot of recruiters troll it. Try to set up meetings before you go. You’d be surprised who is open to grabbing a coffee between lectures.


i’m gonna get all technical on ya here… actually it kinda is an international conferences this year.

good ole Bill Moggridge swung it so this year’s IDSA would be held in conjunction with the ICSID (international ID organization) conference which is held once every two years.

I know you probably know that so i’ll shut up now… I just had to post for posterity.

Yes, but technically last years was international as well with a video conference to China… they say that it is an international conference every year, at least throw Montreal a bone then… of course the World Series isn’t exactly global either.

I got to meet the one and only YO! last year!

If you’ve never been, it’s cool. They get old after a few though. The SF one is supposed to bigger badder than the rest because they’re combining it with IICSD, I forgot what that stands for. Personally, my gf is sick of me going on these “business” trips with boring lectures and great parties :slight_smile:

From what I’ve heard about Austin, half the value is in fact the socialization aspect of it.

In a field so heavily based around networking, a surplus of alcohol and music is never a bad thing.

The only person I know who’s gone to the international conference as a student (thanks to an IDSA scholarship) seemed to enjoy it and also seemed to make some good contacts with companies outside of our regional area. Which as was mentioned earlier can be good or bad, depending on where you want to work.

I googled this…

IDSA conference is in San Francisco

and I found this…

Avian influenza was the top story at the time of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) 43rd Annual Meeting; October 6-9, 2005; San Francisco, California, both inside and outside the Moscone Center, where the conference took place.

pretty funny.

I really enjoy going to the conference but if you are spending your own money I think you will probably not get out of it what you would like to unless:

  • You have a lot of time and money
  • You are looking for a position and plan to attend the portfolio review or have meetings arranged with designers and recruiters that will be there
  • You are fairly skilled socially and able to start up conversations with strangers

Most people have their trip and expenses paid by a company and would probably not go if it was out of their pocket. Also, keep in mind it is an expensive city to hang around in. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response!

Ok I am going into my senior year this fall, so I spose there is alot of oppurtunity there. Socially, I like to talk with people, and learn. Not schmooz for connections, but seriously just get to know people and make relationships- hopefully which can better me ( in any way).

I feel like I am a good designer, but the portfolio reviews there already feel overwhelming to me. It’s definately intimidating at a conference of that size. If i get railed- i spose it’ll only tell me how much better i need to be. I just get the feeling some may blow me out of the water.

Another thing is, I would like to move after college- out of the Midwest. (not sure if more schooling or job is on the plan now). Is it hard to find jobs across the country? I mean I can’t imagine places want to fly you over unless you are just a wicked designer. Maybe meeting some of people there first would give me that oppurtunity.

I’m not sure. Thanks for all your input. hard to match it.

Have you been to the regional IDSA conference/portfolio review? That may be more useful to you and more affordable. If you haven’t I wouldn’t stress the portfolio review. Reviewers most of the time are there to give you good feedback, not tell you how terrible you are. Even if you’re not great, if you present work that clearly has some thought and effort behind it they’ll tell you what they like/don’t like in a reasonable fashion. It’s also THE best way to make contacts in your area.

There always exceptions, and peoples attitudes change. I had a reviewer tell me that one of my projects that won an award was crap and no one would EVER buy it, and then 6 months later at the next review tell me he really liked the idea. :smiley:

If you do get torn a new one, you can channel your hatred into motivation to work harder.