Interviews and flights

ooo I also just saw that pilotfish has an office in amsterdam.

What about cool design stores/places to check out while im there? Im gonna be there from monday to saturday, so ill have plenty of time for personal time.

Thanks for the input so far!

d-flux- I would not do it. It just sounds too much like you would be in a bad negotiation position. It would be too easy for them to reject you if they have nothing invested. It does not sound like they have much respect now IMHO.

I agree wtih MasterBlaster. Don’t do it. For one thing, it limits your worth. Do you think doctors foot their own bill for anything when looking at different hospitals? In my opinion, it degrades your worth and it degrades the value of our profession. If we’re so eager and willing to get a job that we’ll pay THAT much to even get an interview, what leverage do you have in getting any thing close to a good salary? Heck, have you even thought about the process of moving over there if you were to be offered the position? If they’re not even going to pay for a flight and hotel, I can’t imagine them paying the fees associated with moving.

I doubt many of us will ever be treated as well as Yo! (he deserves it though!), but paying for travel overseas is ridiculous. Don’t do it.

I know I’m setting a bad example by going through with this, but here’s my reasoning:

  1. I understand money can be tight in a small studio to justify bringing me in when there’s plenty of talented locals. If it was a corporation…I would expect them to fly me out.

  2. A grand isn’t something to throw away, but its something I can comfortably spare, even right now.

  3. I have an added purpose for the trip (US visa paperwork) that must be taken care of abroad.

  4. This may be wishful thinking, but maybe if i’m their pick, THEN they could justify their expense on relocation. Even if they paid for my interview, they could say “no”

  5. Under different circumstances, I’d side with the choir. I wouldn’t do it. But I’ve been ready for a big change for a while, and if there’s a chance (within reason), Im gonna take it.

  6. If I get a couple more portfolio reviews or studio tours, i think it’ll be worth the trip. Kill a few birds with one stone. Hard to do if they only bring you in for a day or two.

Like I said, I’m usually agreeing with you guys. but I think this time I’ll take my chances, because I’m tired of waiting. My current job did the whole downtown hotel, towncar pickup, flight and shenannigans (twice) so I know how it sHOULD be done. I’m just bored and am willing to take chances.

Maybe I’ll feel cheap and used after I get back, maybe not. But I do appreciate all your comments.

Listening to Yo and Richard it sounds like footwear is the way to go!

I haven’t read all the replies yet, but maybe my unique interview experience process will make you think about your situation…

Though not overseas, I was traveling from East coast to West coast here in the States.
I was interviewing with a multi-million dollar corporation, and though they asked me to front all travel expenses, the way their accounting/HR system was setup, was so that they paid me back in full 2 or 3 weeks later via a check. I did not doubt for a second that they would pay me back, a very well-respected company, great person who I was interacting with, and more. They told me to eat at all the local restaurants, check out the area, get a feel for where I may be living soon, not really to worry about expenses including any and all travel, food, but don’t go crazy, etc.

I kept records, and 2 weeks later there was the check as promised.

You could discuss this option with the company. Casually mention you will keep track of your expenses during the stay. Every experience is unique, best of luck.

So how did it turn out?

You’re headed to the epicenter of design culture. Sure, it’d be great for someone else to foot the bill, but in this case, I’d turn it into a designcation.

Only a few big brands and corporations in footwear would foot the bill for you to go to an interview, though.

All in all im very glad i went. I needed the vacation for one.

The interview went well. They were really nice, the studio was pretty slick (open plan, huge windows, designer furniture everywhere). They really liked my stuff and seemed to think i was a good fit. The kicker? Just like every other company, they are waiting a few months to see if the economy picks up to decide when to bring someone on. I’m happy with how the interview went, and just hope this economy picks up sooner than later.

PS tried getting some other studio reviews but apparently its not very popular to ask for someone to review your portfolio a couple weeks before you get there. So needless to say only one interview happened.

oh and i forgot to mention, i had never been to so many museums in such little time.

As you footed the bill for the interview and travel expenses, you should consider using as a tax deduction.

Travel and transportation expenses. If you travel to an area and, while there, you look for a new job in your present occupation, you may be able to deduct travel expenses to and from the area. You can deduct the travel expenses if the trip is primarily to look for a new job. The amount of time you spend on personal activity compared to the amount of time you spend in looking for work is important in determining whether the trip is primarily personal or is primarily to look for a new job.

Even if you cannot deduct the travel expenses to and from an area, you can deduct the expenses of looking for a new job in your present occupation while in the area.

Definitely a tax right off.