Interview with Dror Benshetrit

Hi everyone!

We just did an interview with Dror Benshetrir of Studio Dror about how he started his own successful design studio. I think it’s one of our most inspiring interviews yet. Check it out - - This website is for sale! - designglut Resources and Information.

And how did it start?

Well, I think I got pregnant. I basically starting calling myself “we” even though it was still just me, and pretending I had a studio.

The first serious client who wanted to hire me was a really big deal. I didn’t have a nice a studio to invite them over to. But then they asked me if they could come visit.

I remember coming back and immediately renting a U-Haul, going to Home Depot, buying panels, painting the floor, working the whole night, and inviting a few friends to come and sit around and look busy! I mean, that sort of craziness is a big part of getting your start…

fantastic interview!