interview with a competitor

I have this problem because I was offered a really good position from a competitor’s company and I have an interview with them and they want to see work that I have done. I don’t know what I can show them in my portfolio and how to do it professionally so that they don’t know the clients that we have worked for. I have only a 1.5 experience professionally and they want me to work for them, but my selection of work is small that I have for professional work. Can anyone give me suggestions what I should show them and how should I go about it?

Do you already have an “offer” - or an interview?

Have you done any freelance work you could show? Spec designs? Products that are already on the market?

There are cut-throat firms out there that will interview newbies just to see the projects and clients. Be careful!!

Do some quick spec designs at night and then talk through the rest of your talents.

Good luck…

good point above.

as well, don’t overlook the idea of sticking to your ethics, even in light of the interview or the job prospects.

a good employer will respect your decision not to show anything you shouldn’t, because they realize that if you are loose with what you show, you will be loose when working for them… and might show their stuff to their competitor when it’s time in the future for you to move on from them.


Thanks guys… I was thinking the same thing and you guys just reaffirmed it to me. Thanks

One golden rule - Show only what has already entered the public domain (trade shows, on the shelf, in magazines, etc.)

As already mentioned, if you show you can keep secrets it will make the next company feel more comfortable in hiring you.

Thanks again for all the replies. My question would be could I show projects that are dead and have gone nowhere in months? Or even dumb down the 3D models and show them as all gray models without product or any reference to a client?

No, you can’t show them anything, shelved or not. You’ll have to pull out your old portfolio I’m afraid.

Also, are you sure you don’t have a non-compete clause in your current employment contract? They’re pretty common and typically specify that you are not to work for a direct competitor for a year or two.

non-competes are usually unenforceable. your employer can’t stop you from making a living.

i know in california they are not enforceable, but if i took a position outside california, it is.