Interview Tomorrow...Should I wear a suit or go biz casual?

Well after 2 years post-graduating I finally have a good chance of landing a design job (internship) for a wireless company. They’re flying me out for an interview tomorrow. Does this mean the job’s mine to lose?

I’m debating about what to wear too…should I go in a full blown suit or go biz casual?

I’m soo exited…lol :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

i would call them to make sure

They’re flying you out, don’t show up looking like an ingrate by not wearing a suit. You can never be overdressed.

I agree with the Green guy. Definately wear a nice suit. Blue with pinstripes, or maybe taupe. Don’t necessarily need to wear a dress shirt and tie. Maybe a vibrant solid-color crew neck shirt. It’s formal, yet with a hint of youth and “designer” thrown in. Don’t want to look too stuffy and be considered an accountant type.

Best of luck on your trip.

Don’t assume that the job is yours though. They could be flying out 3 others next week. You don’t know. But be confident, polite, and things will go fine.

Suit. Cool shirt. Nice shoes. No tie.

I wore a suit jacket w/kaki’s, dress shirt and no tie. Interview went well but I guess I was expecting more like a tour and maybe them hiring me on the spot so I can look for a place while I was down there. Now I just sit by the phone twidling my thumbs :blush:

Don’t worry. Happens a lot of the time. We all hope that they will offer you the job on the spot and everything will be peachy. But, at least with my company, after interviewing a number of people, we have to evaluate each person on paper and submit the forms the HR department. then they sit on their butts for a few weeks and finally get around to offering the job to someone. So, what should only take a few days to accomplish ends up taking months.

But, hey, you did your best. No news is good news and as of right now, you’re still in the game.

Good luck!

Thanks, The odd thing about the who process is that there are no people on the staff who are design minded…they’re all engineers. They still couldn’t tell me how much it pays and how long the term would be and that’s a little nerve racking because I can really plan anything financially.

Just wear something, ok? Don’t think, just put it on, when it looks good you’ll know. Just let it be, and be your self.

Interview went well but I guess I was expecting more like a tour and maybe them hiring me on the spot so I can look for a place while I was down there. Now I just sit by the phone twidling my thumbs

Next time ask when they plan on making a decision. Granted it still can take longer than they say but you will have some idea if they are going to decide in a month or several.

I had an interview 2 days ago. They said I was the best so far. I asked about their time frame. 1 to 2 months. This means they just started looking. I could even take longer.

On the plus side, the head guy is an old boss of mine. (He hired me once before and was the one who recommended me this time.) He’s actually one of my references. But that doesn’t mean I going to get the job.

Just keep looking and make sure you contact those people every 2 weeks.

Well I was their “Top Pick” but due to Upper Management shake up they decided to eliminate the position. I’m still a little bummed about it being so close and all but I think I’m going to decide and live down there anyway…hence my thread about the SoCal Design scene. :slight_smile:

Dude, that sucks. Had a similar thing happen to me about a year ago. After making it through two rounds and it being down to me and one other designer (this was for a really posh position at a very well-known company too), some of the powers-that-be decided to make it mandatory to have 4 years of experience. Both of us were thus eliminated. I love human resources. They don’t care if they get the right people, just as long as the figures match up.

Still, bummer man. Shoot, you’re already living in a cool place. Can’t be too bad living down there, and southern cal is probably even better!

Thanks but I think I’m getting tired of SF…My landlord wants to sell the house in 2 months and he’s giving my housemates and I a nice compensation settlement. I want to experience something different and maybe appreciate SF better when I return…lol