Interview Tips

Greetings to everyone.
I am attending my first interview next week, and I just wanted to see if anyone has any tips, insights or usefull information.
and also how formal or unformal can i go to a product design interview for a inhouse/e-commerce design studio?

what i am going to take is:

Extra business cards
copies of my resume
Leave behind
(am i missing something?)

Congrats on the interview.

I would recommend to be yourself. If your skills are good, the interview will probably be more about if you will fit with the team…

Its good to bring extra copies of your resume, even samplers, or teasers. You would be surprised how those things (sample sheets) hang around and keep people reminded of your work…

Unless you were explicitly asked to dress informally - wear a nice suit. You can never be “overdressed” for an interview - it just shows the employer that you are willing to go that extra mile for the interview.

maybe don’t wear a tie if you go with a suit though… kind of clashes with the free spirited designer mentality.

I’ve had alot of success wearing a suit that can be easily dressed down once at the interview; found it to be a good compromise between extremes

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IMHO Always wear a suit and tie. A suit without a tie does not look like smart casual, it looks sloppy and scruffy.

You can always convey style, creativity etc. with a smart choice of shirt & tie, I just wouldn’t wear a plain white shirt.

That’s just my opinion though.