Interview Tactics

I have been interviewing recently. Many places ask me the same questions if I am also looking at other places at the same time.

I have heard that it’s better not to tell them that I am also checking other places out. Otherwise, you will been viewed as less enthusiasic about them.

Is it true?

Plus, what’s the typical hiring process in a corp? If the design managers says go, is it garenteed that I will have the offer? Does the HR have any deciding power?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

I always told about other places I’d been looking at, and places where I’d interviewed recently.
Different places appealed to me for different reasons. I went to every interview knowing why i’d want to work for this particular place and why I would consider some other place. Nobody seemed to have a problem with me having an opinion and evaluating all of the possible opportunities.

Ive been very upfront with the companies I apply to. Ive found that if you tell them youre applying to other places at the same time, they may feel like they need to hire you first. I also find it good to be very blunt about what you need from the company, and dont be afraid to ask questions. If you overstep your bounds and something goes wrong, well thats too bad, but I think it’d be worse to not be memorable at all.