Interview project

I am wondering how often employers ask potential employee’s to complete a project before they hire them? I think it’s a great idea and can give the employer an important glimpse into the quality of work and speed. Any tips to remember as far as what to include in the final presentation?

I don’t believe it’s normal for a company in US to ask a potential employer to finish a project “before” interviews. If the project is requested after or during the interview, that’s fare.
I had company ask if I can finish a quick project during the interview, the projects I’ve worked on takes a short time, just to see the way I work and how I analyzed different problems.

However, this doesn’t apply in other countries. I’ve had interviews that request on free ( but rather short) projects. Some offers to paid a small contract project. You have to decide and evaluate if the company is trying to take advantage of you. Some small firms will do this just to get free work done by others. It’s pretty easy to figure out the different tho.

Generally presentation will have front cover page, and last page. Make sure each page included your name , employer’s name, project name. etc. Neat, clean is the key! Your presentation should speaks for itself if you will not present it in person. DO NOT send anything over 5mB. Most outlook cooperate account will bounce back those files.
Good luck!

I was asked after the interview to do a short project. It was nothing hard, and was pretty easy to do. I think as far as the requirements, that depends on the project. I had some sketches of key concepts (7 or :sunglasses:, ideating on a final concept, and some final renders. I think it was about 4 pages.

As Crepes said, make sure it is neat and clean. Also, since you will not be there, make sure it conveys what you want clearly. Before you mail it in, I would give it to someone that has never seen any of the project and have them look it over without saying a word. Make sure they ‘get it’ without having to explain it to them.