Interview - making the leap from one industry to another

I just got word today that a company I submitted a job application for a few weeks ago wants me to come in for an interview tomorrow morning. Kind of surprised since they’re a big player in an industry (transportation) of which I have zero experience, but they must be at least interested in my broader potential as a designer.

Anyone out there have interview advice or experience moving from one industry to another widely different one?


I did some transportation design work with no previous experience… thought not exactly the sort of concept car render-y type design work you see on the forums all the time. There are lots of aspects of vehicles and opportunities for an ID to be relevant. I did find there was a lot of catch-up learning to do however, and also once you cross in to a different industry, sometime you miss the work from the previous industry

I’d say ask questions, listen, tailor your answers to there questions in a way that demonstrates how what you have done might be applicable to them or how having someone with a difference experience set might complement their existing resources and talent.