Interview Attire (mens)

I am meeting with a senior apparel designer looking for an assistant. I was referred to him by my boss from my internship, with high recommendations. I will be meeting directly with him for an “informal chat” to see my portfolio, get a feel for my work, and MOSTLY get a feel for my personality over coffee, as well as showing me around the company. As far as I know, I will not be meeting with any HR staff or recruitors.

SO… would you recommend going with the usual interview suit? Or more casual. I want him to feel comfortable with me, and therefore I need to feel comfortable around him (which not having the suit would help a whole lot.)

Probably a stupid question, but I thought I’d throw it out there. Would skipping the suit be too much???

…not sure you can overdress for an interview…especially with an apparel designer…

always wear a suit. there is no harm in overdressing. if you not been told to wear a specific dress code then go all outish.

You are a looking for a creative job…where your personnality counts a lot… So i think you should dress up as usual, as long as it`s clean and proper.

A suit doesn’t always work, especially in the design world… especially a badly cut suit…And overdressing can sometimes make you feel unconfortable…

Of course it depends in which brand you are applying, but I think that we have the one profession that allows us to dress creativly and not fall into the suit mold and we should enjoy that.

I always find it ridculous when design students competing against me , even for internships wear a stupid bad suit with a pair of red pumas and a leather portfolio. No wonder THEY dont get hired... id be a creative director I wouldn`t want anybody ordinary… And the way you dress tells a lot about you current state of mind.

Good luck

I always wear a nice sport coat, no tie, collared shirt, and pants and nice shoes - that’s always worked for me - I feel like if I dressed down at all I’d be rolling the dice too much. With that said, I’ve never been one for wearing t shirts to work - I usually overdress - collared shirt, pants, it gives you an edge, and all the women go crazy for a sharp dressed man {refrain}.


Ive heard everything from dress like a skater to wear a custom suit. I personally think its better to play things on the dressier side. Wear a nice dark suit and get creative with the shirt and tie. You don’t have to look like a boring stiff.

I have some nice bright colored shirts and ties from Express that look good and didn’t cost a fortune. You can also get some nice looking and really comfortable shoes from either Kenneth Cole or Cole Haan that you can wear for other occasions.

If you think the company is a little more relaxed you can tone it down and do nice pants, a really nice polo, and a sport coat. You can get lightweight designer jackets at most mall stores or again they have them at places like Express Men. Otherwise if you have some money you can go to Brooks Brothers and get a single Brooks Ease jacket and have them put black buttons on it instead of the brass. They will last you a long time.

wear a clean ironed shirt (no tie…top button undone)…tucked into some nicley pressed pants (something from Ben Shirman, or Paul Smith). Add a good leather belt…and slip on some Birkenstock leather shoes. Have a V-neck sweater under your arm in case it gets a bit cold.

dont wear a suit…or even jacket. but still keep it relativly smart.

get some classy items (you will always need them)…relax and dont think about it again, especially when you are in the meeting.

chill out…

agreed…especially if you’re just meeting the guy for coffee…a suit might be over-doing it…best of luck :slight_smile:

I would make sure your personality is readable in whatever you choose. If you lack personality, follow the above.

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Two little rules that have always worked for me (either side of the hiring desk) are:

  1. Dress the part. If the job is to fix cars, a suit would be inappropriate. For selling cars, a suit would work. Racing cars, bring your helmet. Designing cars, stylish is better.

  2. Never dress better than the boss. That doesn’t mean you cannot be stylish. In a meeting, it should always be clear who your boss is by how you are dressed.

So in this case, no suit. Bodyguards wear suits. This is fashion so fashionable would make sense, no? Wep Wop is right about your personality shining through. If your personality and look don’t quite fit or clash, you’re not getting the job. Whatever you do, don’t look dated.


Here’s a quick tip if you decide to wear a suit, never wear a black or red colored suit, especially for an interview. Its a proven fact. These colors make you appear intemidating and to over qualified. Go into all most any suit store and ask them and most of the time thats is what they will tell you. Most of them have really good ideas on what to wear.

If your meeting somewhere for coffee and chit chat, I was try and dress in a casual suit at the most. Try and show you individual style without overdoing it. Remember your future boss is an apperal designer. So a good stylish first impression is definately a plus.

stop following the crowd. suits are for weddings, funerals, and old people going to church. we are designers… and design is a lifestyle, not a 9-5. wear something that when you look in the mirror you say “damn this looks good.” if he is wearing a suit, and/or doesnt hire you for stuffing your sac into some uncomfortable cookie cutting attire, you don’t want to be there anyways.
unless you do, in which case rent a tux just to be safe.

or you could be “fashionably late”, scope out his attire, and then wear the exact same thing, and plead that you MUST be perfect for the job.

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