Interview at big company - trans costs who usually pays?

If you are willing to relocate, who usually pays for transportation costs requiring air fare for a face-t0-face interview at a big company?

Generally big company should.

Them. if it’s a high enough level position. They’ll fly you out and put you up for an interview.


Do you think they would for a Sr. ID position (assuming you fit their criteria, etc.).

Dunno. Really depends on the company, you and the details (where it is, what level position, etc.).

-Were you invited for an interview and no mention was made of transportation? If so, I’d guess they expect you to go there.
-Do they know you aren’t local? Maybe they didn’t read your address.
-Have you first had a phone interview? Video conference?


My experience was that company always pays for the transportation+ accommodation. If the trip is short, they might pay millage instead.

Much like Rich says, it really depends on the company and how large they are. I had one interview due to the time and location (San Francisco) and the interviewer was flying in from Paris. They paid close to $1500 for my flight for a 1 hour meeting. Now keep in mind it was down to me and one other person.

I had another company were I paid for everything but the flight, and submitted an expense report.

Best thing is to simply ask, if it is a 30 minute drive don’t worry about it. But if it involves hotels hours of driving or flights simple ask if your expensive will be covered. This is sometimes a good evaluation for the start of a relationship… If you go out on a date do you make your date pay for everything?

Now when it comes to a relocation package this is completely different, and is usually something that is negotiated. And some larger companies only provide it for management , while other have a price break. i.e SR designer may get a $5000.00 “bonus” which can be used for moving. Depending on were you are in your personal life this can be more then enough or it could only be a drop in the bucket. And don’t be fooled if it is down to you and one other person and everything is equal between you, a person can loose out because of the need for relocation.

And one final note, if you do get a relocation package, as the company to take the taxes off of it. If they don’t then remember everything that is paid for you will need to pay the taxes on at the end of the year.

There is more to know but i am done typing, I have relocated 3 times and each time have negotiated the packages 1 time the package was outline to me but I lost the job to a local individual.

Chevis W.

Same here.

I did have one company insist I pay my own way for a second interview. I declined because the cost was too high to travel and I wasn’t sure of employment afterwards. It just doesn’t seem like a good sign to me if a company cannot afford travel expenses to fill a position.

When I was a student about to graduate a company flew me out and also paid for my hotel. They had a car service, it was really nice especially since I still had not graduated. I also got a relocation fee (I took the job).

2 years later I changed jobs, the (new) company flew me out and put me up at a swanky 4 star hotel in Chicago. I also took that job and they paid for me to come out and look for housing too for a few days before my job started. They put me up at the same nice hotel. (This was laster summer so its during the recession era) And I also got a relocation fee.

If it’s a medium to big sized company, they should be paying. If they don’t, maybe that says something about them. To a company, flying out a perspective employee they feel good about is very good investment.

And I am not a sr. designer. Those were for jr. to mid level positions.