Interview Advice


I have an interview coming up soon and was hoping for some advice. Is it OK to bring along a model that is unfinished/in progress? (I have a model that I’m working on - at the moment I’m still sanding the filler and I won’t have time to paint it before the interview). The interview is for a Product Designer position. Any thoughts?


when is the interview? unless its tomorrow, you should have time to paint it up.

depends on how bad it looks without paint. if it is pretty rough, it may/may not be worth bringing it to show process. then again, ID isn’t all about model making, that’s just one step of the process. you can bring photos of it. unless its really knock out! or specific to the job you’re looking at, it would kind of be like bringing in the 64 year old man you interviewed for user research, rather than just show the results of the interview.

Thanks Taylor.

The interviews on Friday morning, I have to travel most of tomorrow until about midday, leaving me only the afternoon/early evening to work on the model. The problem is that the model is of a design with a high gloss finish, I’m using car body spray paint, so all the surface imperfections will show up like a sore thumb if I rush.

The reason why I’m thinking of taking it is because its the only example of ‘appearance model’ modelmaking I have (the rest are blue foam sketch models and I’m only taking a couple of good examples). The job description states that I will be assisting in modelmaking and mockups.

process is good. take the unfinished model. will give you a good opportunity to discuss your process, steps so far, next steps, etc. that might be even more impressive than a finished model, IMHO.

it’s like bringing in a big book of sketches vs. a final CAD render - far more impressive and more opportunity for discussion.

go for it!


Thanks Richard.

I was also worrying a bit about taking a big book of process for 4 projects (about 80 pages, A4) instead of A3 summaries of each project.

I think I’ll take your advice and bring the model to the interview, thanks!

Definitely go for it, especially since they list modelmaking/finishing as one of the position’s duties. Best of luck to you, tell us how it goes!

Go with the unfinished model. DO NOT paint it if your meeting is Friday. That paint will stink up the room and become a negative point of discussion. They’ll be more interested in your process anyways.

Good Luck!

I’d bring the A3 summaries, in progress model to talk about, and A4 books to have in your bag in case they want to see more. You have a bag that fit all that right? :slight_smile:

oh man, good call on the paint stinking up the room. I didn’t think of that and that would be super annoying in an interview… it would be a short interview…

Hi guys, just got back from the interview.

It was definitely a good idea to take the model as it made my portfolio look more rounded. I don’t know if I’ll get the gig though, as I have very little industry experience. Also, I was quite nervous and it showed :blush: but they did say that I have the right technical skills, so maybe theres hope. I should find out in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again for the advice!

You did the best you could at the time, and that is all that matters. Even if you don’t get the job, you’ve had the experience of preparing and explaining your for an interview, and that will improve how you perform in your next interview… unless you got the job, than no worries! Good luck!

Tomorrow drop thank you notes in the post to every person you dealt with. Good Luck.