Internships: should i be a ID student in college.

Do companies give internships only to college students of ID?
What kind of skills do they look for in an applicant.
It’d be nice if someone could demysitify internships for me, what work do
you do… is it a process of absorbing your education by seeing how
professionals work, or do you contribute to the design process of a product

…not sure why i would award an internship to a non-id student but i am sure that internships vary…i usually recruited interns at idsa conventions…typically, i gave them three projects; one product design with a senior designer, one research project with a marketing intern and one project of thier own choice, which they had to take to prototype…at the end, they wrote a resume, put a portfolio together, interviewed for a hypothetical job and were given constructive crits…they were paid for thier work because they contributed to process and products.

i am a final year student of HS, with my chosen group of subjects being science + C.Sc (C++ etc)

i just thought it would be a great idea to work on the rendering bit that you learn in an id college course by myself, over the three - four years, develop my skills, and in the meanwhile study engineering. i thought i could get a better approach to design if i come from the engineering side, but i develop my designing / rendering skills in parallel. but industry authentication is the best authentication, so i wonder: will you give a non-id student with designing skills an internship.

will that be enough to get a job in design.

now i feel why go to so much trouble, might as well just go the conventional way, and get an ID degree.


…i wouldn’t recommend approaching design with an engineering degree…better to pick a uni with a good eng dept and pick and choose the eng courses you want as electives for your id degree…personaly, i went for every electonics and physics course i could get…my uni also encouraged cross departmental projects, so i got to work on a race car, computer workstations (pre pc), and a telescope observatory…while my calssmates were doing foam and bondo mockups of slide projectors (anyone remember slide projectors), i was fiberglassing aero body panels and computer consoles.

and do you recieve internship applications in person / email or through your HR ppl.


my basic question seems to be: is a good design portfolio containing concepts/ products designed while studying a non-ID course enough for an internship, and are good internships with a good portfolio enough for a job.
i’m still unclear.

…internships are not corporate charity (although, sometimes you do things just because they are the right thing to do)…an intern is expected to perform and contribute (to a degree) in exchange for the learning opportunity, however, the real return for the corporate community comes ultimately when hiring a designer with intern experience (not neccessarily with that same company) for an entry level job…it can take 3-5 years for a new grad to make a solid contribution to that first employer, if they hang around that long…with an internship the roi can be half that and more likely to be realised…bottom line.


anyone remember slide projectors

My Ektagraphic 800 is alive and well in the graphics closet at my office; it and about twenty carousels.

Anyone remember when portfolio slides, in transparent vinyl pockets sheets, was the accepted method of submittal … :neutral_face:

…totally, i have several portfolios of my first 10 years in slide form and a minature viewing light tablet i built (i lost the second 10 years to a computer virus)…now i dup everything onto a pocket drive and burn to cd each month…if it isn’t in the computer the bastards cann’t get to it.