Internships in Chicago

Quick question!
I am a new student to the field with no experience but will be enrolling in a design department next fall, and I am looking for an internship during the summer (six week period)in Chicago to gain some experience. i am willing to do anything to gain to practical experience and to see the inside of a design department, industrail and product design, and looking for any suggestions.


You haven’t started any design training yet?

Anythings possible, but I’ve never heard of a firm hire an intern without any training whatsoever…

My advice is to get a summer job, but start forming contacts at the studios. Tell them you’re curious about design and ask if any designers would be willing to talk to you and give you a tour of their studio. They can give you advice on what skills to concentrate on etc…

Plan on a “real” internship Jr. or Sr. year.

finding an intern position is hard with the design field each and every one of us are in. Most firm want to hire you and not fuss over training someone and they will be leaving within 2 months.

good luck and keep on trying. If not, just learn as much as possible and network