Internships in Atlanta

Does anyone know of design firms in Atlanta or the surrounding areas that are in need of interns? I am a 26 year old Industrial Design student with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and an EIT designation in the state of Georgia. I prefer a paid internship, but I will work an unpaid one for the experience. Serious responses, please.

The silence is deafening. Looks like on to plan B.

Goto Coroflot - Search Design Firms - Select Georgia as the state Atlanta as the City - - you should get some results…

I know off hand Big Design has a studio or headquarters rather down there - WhiteLightDesign I believe is also there. Phillips - is also there (really cool stuff coming from there).

try that for beginners then maybe try contacting people through the IDSA chapter in Atlanta.

Thanks, Ralphie. I will check into those.