internships feedbacks by agencies/compagnies

I would like to know how interns are threated, what they have done in these agencies/compagnies.
I also would like to know which furnitures compagnies have recruited interns for the past years, this might help the ones like me who are sending tons of mails without response from compagnies.
I hope my message’s clear!lol

I was treated very badly, but stuck it out.
I agree, I think that we should make use of the anonymity of the internet and expose abusive studios, so they will crash and burn!

where were you at bepster?

aww, I realized as soon as I posted my comment that I of course should have posted as a guest and not as “bepster”.

sorry… of course, bashing an established designer can be quite dangerous…
and it sucks!

could be dangerous but it’s necessary for others!!
hope to get a lot of comments, so we can make the design world a better place …


everybody keeps quiet… and so do I, on this forum at least. I am sure that a lot have had ridiculous experiences with certain designers and firms. but that they rather keep it to them self. Sad but a reality.

I did however tell my department chair about my experiences. He was not surprised and he won’t send any more student his way as interns.

I learned that the projects can be awesome, inspirational and very glamorous but that all of that does not make up for an inconsiderate, selfish, arrogant and often childish boss.

you live and learn.

welcome in “The Godfather” Design world edition lol
yep that’s super sad…