Internships and college

Students at University of Cincinnati are able to get internships while in school, it’s in the curriculum. As far as I know, no other school does this. So, I was wondering if an Art Center student wants to get an internship while in school, can he do it? Or does he has to do it during his summer break? And probably he has to do it around his school area, 'cause traveling to another country for the internship would be very expensive? I’m kind of confused with this. Anyone care to enlighten me?

any one can intern, it’s just facilitated at UC.
You’re going to be on your own, you’ll have to network, start with your schools alumni. it’s going to be tough in this economy.
the best option is to work for a full year, you and your company get the most out of it, a summer only internship is’nt really enough time to accomplish much.

Thanks for the reply! I don’t mind working my ass to get an internship.

I wanted to know if doing an intern during summer would be beneficial, opposed to UC students that have a whole semester to intern and get pay.

You suggest to work for a year instead of doing an internship. So, do you mean that I should take a year off college and try to work? Or do both at the same time?

If you don’t mind answering me, did you have the experienced to work in the professional world of ID when you finished college? Or did you start to look for real experienced after finishing college?

a summer only internship isn’t really enough time to accomplish much.

I don’t fully agree with this. It is all about the place and company you are with.
If it is a dynamic, demanding and unpaid internship, i.e. small, hip studios, two months may be just enough time to get your feet wet and completely drain you.

That’s was what it was like in my case. I learned a lot and it was very flashy, but I really did not wanted to stay another day as an unpaid intern.

also, internships beside school are very demanding, so make clear to your boss that you have to focus on school as well. They tend to forget that.
That is why a summer internship is a good opportunity to completely devote you time and effort to an internship.

Just what I needed to know. Thanks!

I have to disagree.

You should have 2-3 summer internships when you graduate.
You should:

  1. work for a variety of different offices (corporate, consulting, big, small…)
  2. work on a variety of product types (CE, Sportswear, Housewares…)

From this you should accomplish:
a) a network of mentors
b) a sense of professional work ethic and standards
c) a sense of what type of studio and what type of product you want to work on

Working for a year is also a great suggestion if you can make that happen, but a lot can get done in an internship. Our interns almost always get a product on the market, even if it is a small project.

Our summer interns lead a project from a research phase, develop it into a concept (which means learning Alias in about 6 weeks, which is daunting enough on it’s own) hold design reviews and create a final concept into an appearance model they can take with them.

For what it’s worth I never got any internships, but I worked my ass off the rest of the year to bring my skills up and was able to land a job right out of the gate.

I also never had any internships (well, I worked in a build shop, but it wasn’t glamorous)… but I do think they are a lot more expected today.