do interns get paid in the US?
In France an intern can get up to 400£/week.

where do you intern at??
Citroen and Renault pays like 1000 Euro per month only, I think they pay the locals like 500 Euro per month!
and Fila in Itlay only offer $500 per month!
what company in France are you talking about?

In USA, some big corporation can offer up to $20 per hr if you are under-grads. Those company also provided certain amount of moving fee and temp-housing. Like one company I interned for gave us apartment (share with one other intern) . The place got Gym and swimming pool. They even let intern take cars to drive around. Pretty nice! :smiley:

Oops… I also meant to say…
some small company offers min wages $ 5 dollar an hr. I know one of my friend work in NYC for free but she get money for bus…
it’s not all about the cash! I think the experience is priceless!

I was once offered $23 an hour with residence and transportation taken care of. No I didn’t take it due to several reasons. No regrats though.

400 pounds sounds reasonable, but after tax, it may be a bit hard especially for a foreign student to live.

There are a lot of unpaid internships in the U.S… unpaid meaning you don’t get even a cent toward transportation or lunch.

There are also many paid internships. Most of the paid graphic design internships I have seen at the smaller places pay around $8 an hour. I would assume product design internships pay a bit more.

***I wouldn’t accept an unpaid internship in the U.S. There are *tons of places that will pay you anywhere between $10-$20 an hour to work for them. This includes consultancies large and small, corporations, everything.

You usually have to contact around 15 companies before you find something, but there are plenty of internships to be had. Start looking at least three months ahead of time, and you’ll find something. As far as housing, I’ve worked in three different cities and never had a problem finding short-term leasing or a sublet.

If you want to get paid, don’t work in NYC. The market is too saturated with designers from Pratt and RISD (supply and demand, here). There are plenty of other places to get good exposure and still make rent $$. Try San Francisco instead.