internship, the who's the what's and the how's

so basically i would like to know some information in getting a internship or some of the question or requirements.

I know most ID’er firm don’t hire internship because it is a project base enivornment but is there any information you can share when you were looking for an internship or want to know more about the field itself?

thank you

word of mouth can get you very far, you’d be surprised.
talk to teachers/ professors/ random people with photoshop open at starbucks/ parent’s friends, you’d be surprised at your results.
if not you can always call up or email companies, and they will be kind enough (most anyway) to tell you what their job openings are like.

if you to know more about the field, your best friend is google.

» jools

Also, if you are a member of IDSA I would contact members of this association. This is an excellent source for contacts.

thanks peep, i just made random calls to the design firm around my area and kinda disappointed on what they told me… but i’ll keep on trying other firms and see what comes out of it.

thank you again.