Internship search not going well! HELP!!

Hey Pattsy
Congrats on getting all the visa stuff sorted, now you can just focus on your portfolio. I definitely second what others are saying about your current work, to be brutally honest, I don’t think portfolio as it stands is competitive with the people who you will be applying against . Everyone is trying to snag an internship in the Bay so standards are really high. I would be devoting all your time to bringing your portfolio level up to the standards of the average entry level Bay Area designer (which is really high!). Not saying it can’t be done, it’s just going to take a lot of work.

For reference I’ll throw in another portfolio for benchmarking a Bay Area internship candidate, Tim’s a current senior student at UC DAAP
This is the sort of standard that I think would catch the eye of a hiring manager, really strong work, presented really well, shows really strong technical skills, and just feels really fresh and current.

Are there specific firms/companies that you are looking to target? Are there certain skillsets that you think you could leverage that differentiate you from the crowd? What are some ways you can blow those out in your portfolio? Why would you hire yourself if you were a hiring manager looking through a list of 20 solid candidates?

Also why limit yourself to just the Bay Area, I understand that it’s a major epicenter of design but to be honest you might have better odds of landing something in 90 days if you widen your net. Not saying it can’t be done by any stretch if you put the work in to your portfolio.

I’d go through the Core77 Design Directory to start researching firms
Also Behance is a great place to find what hot in ID right now and will give you a flavor for what the standards are for quality of work and presentation.

Best of luck on the search, keep posting portfolio updates for feedback, especially a pdf version if that’s what you’ll be applying with.



not sure if reinvigorating this older thread will garner any response, but I love the style of that portfolio posted above - was it constructed in Adobe Indesign or Photoshop? I have no experience of the the use of the former, wondering how easy it is to produce a clean look such as that??

I would assume it was mainly done in InDesign with some minor edits to images etc done with Photoshop - there was possibly a little Illustrator too for iconography.

If you look at the style too it is very ‘on trend’ at the moment, almost iOS7ish with the flat look, blurred backgrounds, fading colours etc. Like the OP I would suggest looking through the threads recommended and also on Behance to check out some great layouts you’ll see that even though they’re unique they all share similar characteristics.

I just heard from someone Under Armour is looking for a footwear designer in Oregon, that was news to me.

Always thought UA HQ was in Baltimore.

Under Armour set up a design office in Portland last year.

Have you tried freelancing to get that much needed professional experience that companies seem to demand these days? There are various websites to find work such as freelancer and oDesk (google them).

To boost your portfolio (and more importantly learn new skills and progress) you could work on personal projects in your spare time. This also shows commitment to your field. And don’t forget design competitions! And keep a design blog. These are all prerequisites in a competitive field.

Maybe you’re already doing the above, in which case be patient!