Internship question

Here’s a scenerio:

I got offered sometime ago and since they can’t wait, I took the offer.

Just days before I was set to leave for the internship, I was offered by another company, with much higher pay, takes of housing and MUCH closer and convenient for me to get to.

I turned the second one down since I already committed to the first, although no document was signed yet. I don’t have any preference as both are equal to me.

So, say if I were to turn down the first one given the time frame, and take the secound one, is it ok?

It’s for internship. I’m sure if it was a job it will be a different case.

First off, congrats on your offers. That’s great.

Remember, you’re number one. Do what’s best for yourself. The second one seems much, much greater, so drop the first and go for it. People will say it’s a small world and what goes around comes around. It’s just an internship, so go with the 2nd one.

I had a similar dilemma a few years ago. I moved to a new job with a dream job still in the works. If I had received the offer, I would have probably dropped the new job for this other one. Sounds terrible, but I think anyone would have done it. Alas, things fell through so I never had to worry about it.

Anyhow, go for number 2! Good luck!

Well I have already turned down the second one. I just want to hear what people think. I have heard of things involving that “small world” and I guess I just want to have peace with everyone. The second offer sounds much better, but there wasn’t any interview, not even over the phone before suddenly a guy from their HR department called me to offer me the internship. A little fishy I think.

Funny thing is, when I asked someone else about this, he said when those big coperates lay you off, try to tell them what committment is. Sounds pretty true, but then again, it’s me who’s trying to get a job.