Internship question

I am on the tail end of an internship. By the time I finish I will have been here for 16 weeks and they asked me to extend my stay over the summer. I declined inititially because i thought I should go back to school and finish my studies, but I’m having second thoughts…The experience has been great and I really like the studio and the people I work with but, is it better to have three more months of expereince at an internship or try and get out of school to begin my career? My problem is that I’m not exactly a youngster anymore (this is a second degree for me) and am feeling antsy about still being a student. Is a four month internsip sufficient on a resume?

Any insight would be appreciated

as they say “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.

think about it. you are considering passing down the offer to get more experience so you can finish school and then hunt for more experience.

if you like the job (as it sounds you do), you’d be crazy not to take it, IMHO.

the more experience you have before searching for your first “real” job is always a plus. 4 months isnt that much, esp. considering some people (like i did) out there after school will have 1 or 1.5yr internships…

best of luck.


are you in the States and thinking of finding your first job in June with all the rest of the graduating students - in the middle of a recession?