Internship Portfolio Review

I am currently looking for feedback on my portfolio. Is it enough to get an internship? Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks.

Hi Aaron,

I had a quick look at your portfolio. I like the cleanness of the site and easy navigation.

I do have some minor suggestions:

  • Add an “about” page. Tell something about yourself, where do/did you study and background, what are you passionate about, etc.
  • Lloyd Flanders Chair, nice project and product.
  • I personally found the research not really appealing, so I skipped it. Too much information.
  • Add some colour to your sketches page, for example the ones that guided towards the end product.
  • I would loose the technical drawings, but I did like the exploded view version. So maybe make a nice rendering of the exploded view instead.
  • I would get rid of the last picture of all the students together (for me there was no added value) and the render on black background. Focus on the group of chairs instead. Maybe try to make the seats the same colour as the first rendering on top.
  • Nice process for the Hoz messenger bag.
  • I would get rid of the ideation page - photo. (for me there was no added value)
  • Play a bit with your sketches, so different sizes and overlaps.

I hope you can do anything with my suggestions. Good luck!