Internship Portfolio Review

Hey guys, I was wondering what people thought of my internship portfolio that will be sent out via email. I’m currently a junior studying ID.

Any comments or critiques would be greatly appreciated!

It looks to me like your strengths are CAD rendering and photoshopping. An area to work on would be sketching. The sketches seem a bit heavy. Maybe try avoiding markers for a bit, or just use them for hints of shading and color.

Some thoughts on layout - let the work speak for itself, when it comes to layout I prefer “less is more.” The blue backgrounds can be a bit distracting. Same with the logos in the resume.

Love that sheet metal / wood stool!

Nice process! I only had a quick lookthrough so far but along with noahwangerin’s advice, I think you could even play up the CAD skills by making the ice cream scoop in CAD as well. The other CAD models are nice but they do not show that you can do more complex things with surfacing (they are mostly extruded forms). Along this same line of thinking, you might want to split up the bench and food prep systems as they have a similar language – when I first scrolled through, I thought they might have been the same project.

Good luck!

Thanks for the ideas! I’ll post an updated portfolio in a few days (hopefully). Working on modeling the scoop, using it as an excuse to brush up on Rhino, been like a year since I’ve used it.

I think your work is great. Processes and sketches are definitely good to show. But I think you need to Re-think the layout. Put yourself in the shoes of the interview. Perhaps simply the layout and colour scheme. The last thing that the interviewer wants to be overwhelm by a lot of things.