Internship Portfolio, Opinions?

Hi there!

I’m a 3rd year Industrial Design student at Carleton University in Canada and I’m currently looking around for internships for summer of 2014. I’m not really sure yet what kind of internship I’m looking for but I’m open to various fields (either corporate or freelance firms) within either Industrial or Product design.

I’m pretty much done compiling the portfolio I’m going to send out for internships and any comments, opinions or suggestions would be very welcome!

Link: Christopher Dang, Industrial Designer in Ottawa, Canada

I noticed on a first glance that uploading the pages to Coroflot made the text too difficult to read (both size and color) so I might change that although when in full screen on a PDF, it’s perfectly legible (I’ve tried on a few computers to make sure).

Thank you very much for looking and commenting and I’ll try and respond to everyone who comments.

Your clean layout and presentation shows off your work well. As you mentioned though, the text isn’t very user friendly - and really the goal of a portfolio is to be as easy to read and skim through as possible. Take into consideration that viewers won’t have much time to go through the portfolio carefully, and will need to quickly understand and digest the information.

The BBQ looks well thought out. The sketch that really sells the concept to me is the one on the top right of the “ideation” page, showing the top view of people gathered around it. Nice work on the full scale model! It would be great if the users in the last photo had some food on the grill to really help get the idea across.

Keep it up, good luck!

Thanks so much for the review! I ended up changing the text to a darker grey and making it bigger for easier reading. I didn’t really touch the white text on the banners because I consider that more as “additional info” rather than necessary so I didn’t want it to be too big in the layout (you can get the gist of the pages without reading the white text).

Do you think content-wise that it’s ok or should I add/remove certain things?

Thanks again for the feedback

Content wise I’d say you have a good range of products. Some quick thoughts on each-

The grill- I think this is your strongest project. The story is easy to understand and the solution is elegant - a grill maximizing socializing is a solid idea. It reminds me a little bit of this fuego grill in form, but I’d say the table top differentiates it significantly. Consider explaining why the grill doesn’t have a lid - perhaps for social grilling, perhaps the style of grilling, or the foods it’s designed to cook (apologies if you do explain it in the white text, if so perhaps call it out larger).

The water bottle- while the problems are clearly stated, I’m a little bit lost on the solution. I would assume the goal would be to make a very stable water bottle, not one that falls quietly? I would also argue most offices would forgive the noise of a falling water bottle. I imagine music playing and people talking, it would hardly be noticed. The form and model is nice. It might be an interesting study to show the mechanism how the button opens the top for drinking.

The light- I love the tension aspect of the design. I think this project could benefit by elaborating on the story, perhaps introducing the target user, not just their apartment.

The shelter- It’s nice to see a range of design - this spatial design problem rounds out your samples nicely. I think it might benefit from making the introduction text / problem statement larger on the intro page (maybe for all your projects).

I wouldn’t remove anything, but as you complete more projects be sure to replace older work. Hope this helps!