internship over fixed position

Hi guys

i have a question regarding my planning of the next few years.

I will get my Bachelor degree in 2011 in design and product management.
And at this point I am thinking of a few possibilites how to go on with my carreer/education.

One option that i had on my mind was that I would like to see different markets, ways to work and cultures by doing 2-4 internships right after graduation, each about 4-6 months.

Another one would be take a full job for the whole lets say 2 years or maybe change it onces if another good opportunity comes up.

And afterwards continue with a design related master study. ( i know that if the right job comes along, plans probably change, doesn´t matter what was planned)

I have read the thread about starting a master right away or getting some workexperience first with great interest and my question now is:

Would you prefer 2 years work experience of a “traditional” job over 3-4 six months internships with different companies in different countries?

And why?

best regards