Internship opportunity in Glasgow


Not sure if it’s allowed to be posted here, however we’re running our 3 month internship scheme again this year and it’s worth a look!



(…) but it should be regarded as an > unsalaried > position for the duration of the scheme.

While you probably should indeed post on appropriate job boards, I would hope that this is something many here, including myself, would object to :neutral_face:

Agreed. Unsalaried is not good.

The common argument in favor of unpaid work goes something like: “the intern gets valuable experience”. This point is (almost always) undeniably true, and is the primary reason that people who don’t pay use it: because it cannot be denied.

But that is not the point that should be argued. The point(s) that are important are that not paying for work:
_is morally bereft
_devalues design as a profession and service
_is short sighted; doing work for free lowers the overall denominator for everybody

Also let’s not forget the obvious disadvantage for your company as well.
There is no way to attract REAL talent if you don’t pay a decent salary (unless you are really really famous and can attract interns with design-glamour alone).
The top 10% of students usually can choose where they want to intern and they choose who pays them a salary they can live on like human beings.
THEY are the people you want to hire but THEY are also the people that will never even consider you.
A few hundred bucks combined with some interesting projects will already go a loooooong way when it comes to the skilllevel of the students applying.

Do you get to drink to all the single-malt scotch you want?


All job posts should be made on our sister site, coroflot:

It cost’s money to post on there, and it pays the bills at… though unlikely you would pay money to attract your unpaid intern. I won’t comment on that as it has been covered.

Hope you get what you paid for. :wink: