internship @ Museum of Modern Art, Cooper Hewitt

Hello everyone! I am really interested in interning at either of these during next summer and was wondering if anyone knew anything about their internship programs, besides what is on their website besides I am concerned about the selectivity and having a resume that would stand out. It sounds like both offer an awesome experience in the design world. I would greatly appreciate any information! Thanks!

Someone I know got the MoMA internship a few years ago by using her family’s connections. Someone else I know applied for the Cooper-Hewitt by proposing a design exhibit in the cover letter; the staff was impressed that this application wasn’t just the “best of” what he had already but was also creative and thoghtful about their archive.

They are highly, highly selective. My suggestion would be to not only have a kick-ass designed and writtedn application, but to really give them something about yourself, whether it’s a sample of your work or whatnot.

Thanks for the info/advice! I was thinking about submitting work, but they specifically advised against that on their website. Perhaps I can incorporate some more design in the layout of my app. Thank you so much! Any other adivce?

I wonder why they would do that, if these are design positions. By all means, make sure all your materials are designed to the Nth degree. You may want to contact them as well, to verify that you’re giving them everything they’re looking for.