Internship Interview

I have an interview with A shoe design company coming up in two weeks. I am wondering what would be good portfolio examples to bring in for discussion. Should I stick to footwear specific topics? What sort of things will they be looking for in me as a student?

I would think to bring in some sort of Sketching/thumbnail pages. Completed sketches of shoes. Illustrator line work. Renders. as well as some projects I have that show development.

Any ideas on the perspective I should take and what kind of stuff to include.

Thanks, Evan

I think they would appreciate seeing beyond your ability to sketch shoes. Shoe some high quality non footwear ID work to show your versatility. Get a solid booklet of high quality wide ranging work. Good luck

Definitely show footwear though. A mix of work is great, but start and end with footwear.

I agree with the above.
Most likely you have already shown them your technical abilities through a website or PDF. Now they want to meet you and talk to you.
The reason being to see if you can back up what you have shown them and if will you gel with the team.

I one of my last interviews for a job, the director I met with stated: “What we are looking in a new designer are three things: skill, talent and personality.”
That last part is your priority now, the way you present and carry yourself.

In terms of selection of work you should definitely show your strongest conceptual projects and not just focus on shoes. Inspiration comes from all angles. Also it will help you to generate a entertaining mix for your audience.
I would recommend to maybe throw in some really quick studies or sketchy projects that are a bit on the lighter side and not just high-process projects that take 15 minutes to explain.

Good luck!!

PDF deck to show on-screen. Understand beforehand what your presentation options are at the office. I’m not a fan of iPad presentations especially if there are more than two people.