Internship in NY

Hi, I’ve just finished my BA of art & design in Barcelona and would like to do an internship in NY, to get some profesional experience and improve my english.
Do you think it’s gonna be hard to get one ? can I hope to be payed?

Where should I send my portfolio? What about the visa?

Thank u… : )

where are you from (for the visa it matters)

what colage did you do your b.a (it matters to)

what type of design are you interested in?

If you can afford to pay ridiculously high living costs and work for free, you might be able to get a job (assuming you can speak English well). If you expect to get paid, it is highly unlikely unless you have a Visa, and have the portfolio to back it up. Again, it depends what type of design.

Generally, NYC is competitive. To give you an idea, I graduated from Parsons a few months ago, and about 4 of my graduating classmates have jobs/paid internships.

Good luck!

I’ve graduated in Escuela Massana art&design, specialized in interior design but I am starting my own graphic design and offset impression business and it is going to work quite well, I guess : )
I can say the BA I’ve done is quite general and not so specific; I can work in ID, graphics, illustration and interior design but I really have a lack of techincal skills and would like to learn more in graphic design.
So I’m interested to do an internship in graphic design to get some professional skills, but actually I would happily do an interior design internship if someone would offerme one as long as I can stay in NY and discover it…
I am both from Austria and Switzerland.

Thank You for all your advices

Please, I need your answers and help… : )

Thank You

There are no jobs currently available, sorry.

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