internship ethics

is it ethical for a company to not pay an intern for work?
Instead payment is made only for costs for rent during the internship?

Is this illegal?

Is it ethical? Well I guess that all depends how you define ‘ethics.’ If it was my company, or my call, I would always pay interns something. However, in a competitive market, there’s probably alot of kids out there willing to work for free, just to gain the valuable experience.

If they’re offering housing, figure your a step ahead of some others. If you’re not happy with what they’re offering, look elsewhere. Being an intern, you don’t really have ANY negotiating powers.

Is it illegal? I doubt it.

Depending on where you are I guess. If you are in an expensive area, rent will probably do you better.

It’s an internship, experience comes before anything. If you think it’s going to be a good internship, then take it.