internship (dubai)

hi :exclamation: this is m abinash from national institute of design, INDIA.
Does anybody know where i can get a good internship in dubai- i have an online folio any links would be great - i’m a final year graphic design student.Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos & abinash mohanty, Design Lead, Visual Interaction Designer in Mumbai, India
or you can mailme

thanks :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion.

On your site your music has some issues. First of all there is no way for me to turn it off. Second, every time I click a new link the music starts all over again… this is very annoying.

My suggestion:

Get rid of the music. Its better not to annoy.
Have an intro page with the music (and an on off button.) Then have a link to your site that opens up in a new page. This way the music will only play on the intro page and not restart when viewing pages on the rest of the site.

As again, designers cant help but offer unsolicited advice.