internship at karim rashid?????

I am an industrial design graduate from India, in need of some international exposure. The other day I saw Karim Rashid’s web site, and learnt that they are open for interns. I am interested in going for it. but before I do it I wanted to know if it is really worth for a just graduate like me to do unpaid internship at Rashid’s . Wud it be a really lifetime experience?? has anyone done it before??

It would be good if you wanted to work for an egotistical a**hole.

That aside you should go for it. whats the worst that could happen…He could say no. Oh well. One thing that I like to tell recent grads is go for those big names but don’t let the little names put you off either. I work for one of the largest candy manufactures in the world doing packaging and have a great time doing it and its a wonderful job. Is it a glamorous as Rashid? No. But I bet that I am learning and expanding my design knowledge just as much if not more.

So i guess what I am trying to say is…Shoot for the stars but don’t get discouraged if you have to take some jobs with smaller firms or corprate companies to get ther.

Karim mostly covers the aesthetic aspect. If that is what you want go for it. The other side of design is creating manufacturable well thought out products. Every designer will have their own understanding on the matter.
Ideally you want to be well rounded in both form and function.

Do you see your strenghts? Do you see your weaknesses? Are you more at ease with form or function? You can focus on your weak spots, since you will always have your strengths.

Good luck.

Notice there are two types of designers, design cannot exist without either one. It would be like missing a color out of a rainbow.

I’ve worked with designers of similar calibar- It is not an experience of a lifetime (after all, it is a lot of shlepwork), but it can be worthwhile, especially if you are working to build your own studio brand. It would also give you an insight into a side of design that you would not get in a corporate or consultancy environment.

Go for it. The worst thing that could happen is that you would get it and have to say no.


I would check out what your responsibilities would be as an intern. Chances are you won’t be doing concept work but you should have learned that in school. Hopefully as an intern, you will learn/see how its done ‘in the real world.’ Things like scheduling, client meetings, time sheets, production issues.

Yes I would be interested at how he runs the business of convincing companies to let him do whatever he wants for them - that’s sort of every designer’s pipe dream but it would be invaluable to see the nuts and bolts of how he does it - so you can later knock the process off :laughing:

I would also think it looks good on a resume - on the other hand - if it was a Senior designer role I’d think that he would just overrule you on everything - if I had my own firm named after me that’s how I would run it.

Go for it!

We can’t really tell you to go for it with out seeing your work. Post it man!!!

I have a friend named Yan P. that was offered a position at his studio. He said he was an pompus ass and offered him peanuts. (almost nothing, not enough to live on in NYC) What an insult to the design community…

hey guy,

i know several people that have interned there before. wasnt really close with them but they all said they were stuck doing crap work all of the time and were essentially a slave for the studio. it is 5 days a week 9-5 unpaid, if it was me i wouldnt come all the way to nyc to work for this guy.

karim has become a brand of himself, i dont even know how much design he really does himself anymore, and he si so pompous to the point that he just opened his own store, and he sells only things his studio has designed.

i think you should go for a place that doesnt have as much name appeal within the consumer market and go with a name that is recognized and well known in the design field. and if you are willing to come all that way from india you may as well try other big name designers. why not try someone in europe…such as konstantin grcic…or jasper morrison, or even try marcel wanders studio, i know all of these places have interns from time to time and these guys are not only household names (relatively speaking) they are respected by both designers and by industry.

also, not for nothing but karim;s stuff is really terrible…i dont understand the level of success the man has had hawking these terrible pink blobjects he craps out from week to week. just my two cents.

but if you are still really interested in karim then you should maybe contact jason miller, hes a designer in brooklyn that used to work for karim as a lead designer.

That’s fine, lot’s of people buy Rahid’s landfill sustainance and don’t care what it looks like.

Had a friend that worked their briefley, and know several people that have hired him to do projects. Lets just say none of them would work for him or hire him again…

… but like someone above stated, it would look good on the resume. And I’m sure it would be a good experience. If you can get it, I would go for it.

Karim’s pretty cheap. He’s not gonna pay you well.

Karim Rashid’s is a great designer …he is very sucessful…so go for it…learn why he make so much money …Alot of people don’t like him…he seem to have a big ego…true but he is problaby very smart, very talented…form oriented design mostly…but he made alot of money designing good products…do some research on him…

good luck…

I know several people who have interned there, and I think it is great experience, and it will open a lot of doors for you when you go job hunting later. Even people who hate Karim will still be secretly impressed that you worked there as long as your own work shows originality. Yes, he doesn’t pay you anything for interning, so I hope you can fund yourself somehow. As for the guy who suggested working at Morrison, Wanders, et al. PLEASE! Those guys don’t pay either, and they run their studios basically the same way! The whole not paying interns thing is a European tradition. Get used to it. You pay to go to school, so view this as part of your education, not a job. In any case, it’s not exactly easy to get in, so good luck! Karim, by the way, is not an asshole at all from what I heard.

there is some history of “famous” designers getting their start as apprentices under older “famous” designers, especially in Europe… I guess they get an insight into how they operate and create their distintive styles.

Plus, you don’t get paid to go to the university, you have to pay in to get that education… how is this different, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience

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Yo really should look for an alternative internship - Karim really is a <>:“”**hole. Many consultant offices in NY area may even pay you. Why waste your time fetching coffee for karim.