internship at Fuseproject?

I am very interested the design philosophy of this company… but really haven’t heard from anyone who has worked/interned there. I have a undergrad in architecture and masters in id and now am looking to apply at fusproject. Has anyone worked for fuseproject/yves behar?

i heard that the experience was amazing… from a friend that interned there last summer.

also none of the designers enjoy working with sir behar…

yeah i heard he is full of himself…so have fun with that. However, fuseproject does work with such clientele as microsoft, herman miller, mini so no doubt you’ll have the opportunity to work on some exciting projects and expand your portfolio.

I don’t care about people’s egos anymore. I think I’m so used to working with egomaniacs I can sort of work around it. There are plenty of egomaniacs out there. Projects and experience is what you should be thinking about. Fuseproject and yves behar’s reputation is well deserved.

thanks for all of the info! this is really helpful as i am trying to focus my attention on applications after my graduation this yr. bop or guest- do you care to elaborate on your comments? although i am attracted by the impressive clientele base, i believe the atmosphere of the office is equally important for a in my search for post-grad employment. thanks!

my friend is working there right now and seems to enjoy it, but I have also talked to old employees that felt Yves didn’t encourage their growth as a designer. Take it with a grain of salt, but rest assured if you are capable of getting a job there you are guaranteed to work on some cool shit.

i know more than a half dozen here in the bay area and elsewhere who have either worked or interned there. people’s comments above are in line with what I and others have heard. most really disliked the way they were treated but the project mix was good. so for an internship it would be fine.

post grad i would make sure you consider other places and talk with others who have worked there. you might not find another US consultancy that has quite as glamorous mix of clients as fuse but you can find ones that you may learn more sound fundamentals. there are more true multi-discipline firms out there that you will interact with other disciplines on a daily basis and grow more.

also, fuse’s stuff is largely conceptual and borders fashion. however they do create designs (maybe not manufacturable or cost-effective or realistic) that capture people’s and the press’s attention more than typical old-school bay area firms. the super-hyped stuff that has gone to market though has been largely ineffectual (at least for the client/brand). either been solely for friend’s start-ups (shampoo and perfume), brand-building purposes (mini, but not well-distributed) or not well planned and flopped (birkenstock, over-priced, sloppy fit, basically someone’s first shoe attempt (but so were Stark’s, Newson’s and Rashid’s shoes - all flops), hurt birkenstock financially and cancelled), or too geeky (aliph, too many wires for a headset to justify for only canceling background noise; never seen anyone really use this in actual life).

that said, most traditional firms don’t even get the chance to involve themselves in marketing and retail activities so there is some value there. also, you can definitely learn about self-promotion which is more and more essential in the world, like it or not. and you have to imagine all the press has brought in tons of new work that maybe will be more successful in getting to market and being accessible.

and yes, if you are capable of getting a job there you are probably pretty marketable even if things don’t work out. he has high standards.

very well said.

By the way, alot of the buzz around fuse has been created by behar proclaiming the impact of his studios projects instead of the work speaking for itself. He is exceptional at getting press but are his ‘brand building stories’ really that brand building?

for example, did fuses fringe products for mini really help establish mini as a brand? i dont think so…

i think you can learn a lot just from viewing what yves does from the outside looking in. im from cleveland and i worship the ground the guy walks on… but i feel like it may be similiar to working for philippe starck: you get to do cool stuff, but get told what to do and when to do it, and receive no credit for it

check out newdeal design… they’ve been getting tons of great clients lately (you wont see them for a year or two, but i interned there this summer and they do great stuff, and i feel like they have just as much to offer as fuse)
i guess im slightly bias… but if you see a product in a magazine designed by NDD, you see everyone’s name who had a hand in the product… do you know anyone else who works for fuse besides yves?

plus… i liked working there…and ive heard all the same stuff about fuse, from many diff people… but dont get me wrong, they do great work

cash money in the 99 to the 2000


and they have some market homeruns… wasn’t one of the NDD partners one of Yves’ original partner?

yeah, still is too…


Yep. That’s all I gotta say. I hope he’d read this thread and do something for himself. Maybe we just don’t understand him?

Personally, I am seeing a change in the landscape. Today’s designer has to be able to promote her/himself more than ever. Of course nothing can get in the way of good process but today world seems to be so infatuated with bling bling design. Design seems to be a bit more superficial and a little bit less truth in it.

Firms that excelled in the last few years seem to do catchy design as opposed to good design. Maybe the idea of what is good design has shifted. It’s all relative.

Not that any of this is bad or good, it just is. Maybe I am not seeing right.

i dont get it…what’s he connection between these two studios?

i think NDD’s director was Yves’ original partner when they started fuse project… til they had a falling out… maybe thomas meierhoffer as well before that… can’t treat partners the way you treat green designers…


define partner

“Crispin Porter + Bogusky Acquires a Stake in fuseproject Crispin Porter + Bogusky have announced that they have acquired a minority equity stake in the San Francisco-based design and branding firm fuseproject. Founded in 1999 by Yves Béhar, IDSA, fuseproject has gained global recognition as a result of its distinctive and innovative work in niche eye candy, packaging for friends and self-promotion strategy.” -IDSA Newsletter