Internship Advice

This may sound like a weird question but exactly how do you go about securing an internship? Whats the best course exactly? I think I’m going to go to the housewares show in Chicago this year and I was going to get a portfolio together to take with me but is there something else I could do? Should I just start emailing a portfolio to firms or should I maybe work out more personal contacts then follow up on those? I’m currently a sophmore at CCAD and we arent really required to get an Internship until next year but I wanted to try and get a head start. Also how many pieces/projects should a first portifolo contain? Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks

So then no advice then? Hmm


Check your Personal Messages… … .




How many pieces should your folio contain? At this point (sophomore) I think you want to show what skills you have and show that you can be consistent with them… so I would recommend you show as big a variety of work as you can, but leave out your weakest projects.

Larger companies typically have established internship programs, but small companies and firms frequently don’t. They may not post internship positions on their websites or job boards. If you can email in a small compelling teaser (preferably to a contact you get from someone) you might be surprised how many places will get back to you with at least some comments.

As a sophomore with little experience, you’ll need to work hard to secure your first internship. But be confident in yourself and be persistent, this is very doable.

Every company prefers to be contacted differently, but I find that email is a pretty good common denominator. At the very least, your emails can be ignored. At best, someone will contact you and want to talk more. Have a small PDF (1-5 MB) that you can send out as a sample of both your design skills and design thinking. I know some people may object to this piece of advice, but attach your PDF in your initial “cold” email, making it easiest for people to take quick look and decide if they want to reply.

Use all of your outlets to talk with people - going to the Housewares show is great, email everyone, go to IDSA events and talk with the pros, make a website, have a coroflot portfolio, ask your professors for help :slight_smile: Everything you can think of. This community is small, and having as many friends as you can will help you greatly.