Internship advice for big company.


I am an industrial design student whose actually doing an internship in a big footwear company. So far, i have completed 40% of my internship, and i have been able to dome some real projects which i am very happy with.

I am about to graduate, and i had had a great experience so far.

I want to give an open question to ask for advice for my internship, how can i take as much experience from it, and specially leave a door open in the company.

Secondly, my problem is to be really confident since im surrounded of really talented people, and even i know i have the talent and what is needed, is very hard to me to speak, which is something i want to overcome in the next weeks.

Ad finally is my team, i think i have a great relationship with them, but which advices can you give me respecting the relationship with your team mates?

Thank you! Im sure here is many people with experience and talent that can give me great advice, i have a few years been follower of this forums.

My experience is that if you work your ass off, are genuinely interested, humble and always stay positive, it will open a lot of doors and keep them that way.

It’s great if you’re surrounded by very talented people, utilise it! Ask for advice/critique on your work. It doesn’t have to be stuff that you’ve done at your internship.
Also try to find common interests etc etc. I dont think anyone has ever been offended by getting an invitation to grab a beer/beverage after office-hours.

Very general advice that can be applied in most social situations.