Internet shopping: Undelivered item, customer rights??

I ordered a book from… it was the SP04 book, and it hasn’t been delivered. They’ve contacted the Aus Post and they can’t track the parcel, so the only options I’ve been given are:

  1. Wait and see if it’s delivered
  2. Drop it (forget about it - the cheek!)
  3. Repurchase

It cost £25 in total which is a lot of money for me to throw away and I don’t feel like I’ve been given a very fair deal! I’m a single person (who isn’t very well off) and they’re a corporation - and I’m the one that’s lost out totally! Splitting the cost would be a nice gesture seeing as it was no one’s fault directly. I was surprised to find it wasn’t sent with any insurance etc.

I don’t really feel like I can do a lot in this situation, I don’t want to go mad because I trust that they did dispatch it, and any site that concerns design is a good site but I don’t really want to give up either so can anyone tell me, do I have any options?


  • Andrew

You don’t explain how you paid, but if you paid with a credit card, talk to them. They might

a) give you a refund as some have insurance
b) take the money back

Other ways might have other options.

It was with a Visa Electron debit card issued by my bank, I don’t think it has any cover :frowning: