Internationals looking to break into ID in US

I’m a graduate of an industrial design program in the Middle East, where there are very few if any design studios/consultancies or design departments within corporations. I’ve been looking for ID internships in the US to start at, but most of them require having authorization to work in the US. I am thinking of applying to a Masters program in the US, so that I would have a student visa and thus could take internships and move forward. I’m sure there are many other internationals who have considered a similar path.
Do you think this is a smart move? Please share your insights.

Why not?

I have a friend who took that path, he was coming from Bahrain. He actually did his undergrad in the US and then a masters in Canada. Don’t forget about Canada!

I’m not rubbishing your idea and aim, if that’s what you want to do then go for it, and good luck!

It may also be worth considering India, Korea, and Hong Kong? I’ve no experience, but maybe easier/cheaper.