International Milk Packaging Survey

Got some spare time? Plesase help us out by taking this survey for our school project!

We are a group of students that are working on a project concerning the global differences in milk packaging. We would like you to take part in a survey by photographing how you act around a package of milk and also answer a few questions about milk in your country. For the pictures, digital, unedited pictures will do fine. They do not need to be beautiful. The answers to our questions can be typed into a separate document or just straight into the e-mail message, whichever you prefer.

Please send the material to

Thanks a lot in advance!

Take photos of:

  1. The milk on its shelf (or however it is presented) in the supermarket
  2. The entire milk section in the supermarket
  3. The milk in your hand after you’ve taken it from its shelf
  4. How you carry it home from the store (in a plastic bag, in your hand, etc.?)
  5. How you store it in your home (in the fridge, on a shelf, etc.?)
  6. How you open the package (take several pictures if it’s needed to explain)
  7. How you pour the milk from the package or how you drink from the package.
  8. How you dispose of the empty package (take several pictures if it’s needed to explain)

    Questions about the milk:
  9. What different kinds of (unflavored) milks are there in your country? (Different brands, different amounts of fat, etc.)
  10. What kind of milk did you buy?
    -Type (low-fat, regular, etc.)
    -Quantity (single-pack, six-pack, etc.)
    -Amount per package (1liter, 1 pint, etc.)
    -How long does it stay fresh?
  11. Why did you choose this product?
  12. Where did you buy it (supermarket, gas station, etc.)?
  13. How many people will consume the mil you bought (just you or a whole family)?
  14. When do you consume the milk (in the mornings, for lunch, etc.?)
  15. How do you consume the milk (drink, with cereals, make chocolate milk, etc.?)
  16. How can you tell which milk is low-fat, regular, extra-fat, etc in your country? (In Sweden, for example, low-fat milk has red packaging, medium-fat is blue, regular is orange)
  17. Are the milk packages recyclable? What materials are they made from?
  18. In what places can you buy milk?
  19. Where (in the supermarket) is the milk kept?

    Questions about you:
  20. Nickname
  21. Country
  22. Age
  23. Gender
  24. Occupation