International IDEA Awards Finalist! How best to Promote??

Will the future have ‘Smart’ enabled everything?

  • Will consumable mini bombs (bullets) be made Smart someday?
  • Will civilian bullets stay the same as they have been for centuries?

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Hello Design Community!

Could you give us advice on promoting one’s creative enterprise when chosen only as a finalist in this years 2013 IDEA Awards?

I’d like to continue promoting this concept, while i develop it further, I was hoping to get it out there in a bigger sense. It’s a ‘big’ idea, and can’t work without support.

Please take a look and let me know what you think:

There’s a big ‘poster’ image that describes it well, feel free to download!

Thanks everyone, you advice on promotion and garnering attention is much appreciated!


Geraint Krumpe
Y Line Product Design, LLC.

Welcome to core77 Geraint.

An interesting project to be sure, and one that will, no doubt, generate some lively discussion. Since your question was more about how to promote your publicity, rather than a competition announcement, I’m moving the topic over to the Business Practices forum.