International (Global) Trends in Interior Design

I have an urgent request. I have been commissioned for a feature on “International Trends in Interior Design” for the Special Issue of a leading Lifestyle magazine in Mumbai, India. The focus of the issue is on"luxury".

In the same regard, I have just 4 questions to ask you. Kindly answer ASAP and oblige. My deadline is already closing in on me. Please note: I may/ maynot be quoting you as the feature is generic.

The questions are:

What are the most prominent and often seen design trends in high-end interiors today?

How different is designing for the rich / rich and famous from the milieu?

Name 3 prominent international designers? Give me 1 reason each for your selection

What do you perceive in the immediate future of high-end interior design?

Looking forward to your valued feedback.

thanks again,